Zünd Innovation Spotlight

Shorter print runs and shorter production times are sharpening the focus on intelligent automation for print & cut workflows and seamless job tracking.

Attend a virtual session on December 17 or 18 to discover the very latest innovative Zünd workflow solutions.

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*Content of all sessions is identical and presented in English.
Duration: approx. 40 minutes.

Zünd Innovation Spotlight 2020


  • New option for robotic parts removal
  • Job tracking throughout the print & cut workflow
  • Picking & labeling made easy with visual support
  • First in, first out: the future of inline processing
  • Shorter runs, shorter production times, less waste, greater efficiency

Guest Presentation


Efficient from order to delivery

Regardless of whether an order comes in through a web shop or is entered manually into an ERP system, the path of a job from prepress through printing, cutting, and delivery is a challenging one. Linking metadata with print and cut files is key to overcoming these workflow challenges.

Are you interested in making your digital workflow as efficient as possible, from order to delivery? Do you need to gang orders and maximize material yield? Our workflow solutions offer you all that and more — ultimate flexibility and versatility for processing rolls, sheets, or board materials in various applications.

We will be offering both AM and PM sessions on both days of the event dedicated to demonstrating innovative hard- and software solutions including the Zünd Pick & Place Interface Option, the new Zünd Visualizer Option, as well as Caldera PrimeCenter.

Zünd Systemtechnik market segment managers Lars Bendixen and Aleks Lazic will be your hosts, guiding you through the virtual event and presenting exciting new options for workflow optimization. Michael Dreher, a representative from Caldera, will introduce you to PrimeCenter workflow software.

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Zünd Innovation Spotlight

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