Powerful functions for perfect results

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Estimate production time
Changes in cutting parameters can affect production time. Compare settings and estimate production times for accurate production planning & scheduling.

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Eliminate overcuts
Optimize cut quality with overcut elimation. The system determines the best cut path based on material thickness and blade used for processing.

Perfect creasing
The use of creasing counters optimizes the quality of creases. In Cut Editor, you can now create matching counters with just few mouse clicks.

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Powerful nesting function
Designed for maximum yield from unprinted materials, Cut Editor offers intelligent nesting algorithms that create layouts with perfectly nested contours.

Benefits at a glance

  • Estimated production time calculations
  • Numerous functions for cutting-data optimization
  • Last-minute changes to objects and cut paths
  • Cut Editor can be run on several PCs simultaneously

Numerous routing functions

Inlay function
To ensure inlays fit perfectly, the inlay function automatically creates a secondary cut file from the positive shape, which is then used to create the negative shape.

Lead in/lead out
For best results, start and end points are positioned outside the cut path.

Multipass optimization
The system automatically determines the ideal number of passes for optimal speed and bit longevity.

Multi-function passes
Switch from clockwise to counter-clockwise passes, or from rough cuts to smoothing and polishing.

Dotted line patterns
The user defines the number and distance of drill holes to be cut on a path. The holes are evenly distributed and centered on the designated contour.

Automatic bridging
User-definable number of bridges and minimum spacing between them.

The right cutter for every segment