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Zünd to redefine digital cutting at Xeikon Café

Cutting and creasing for the short-run digital market is being redefined by Zünd at the Xeikon Café Packaging Innovations event, taking place in Belgium from March 10 to 12.

“We are looking forward to meeting and networking with some of the industry leaders,” comments Lars Bendixen, Product Manager at Zünd. “With more than 20,000 systems installed worldwide and numerous industry awards, we know we can address any business need and we look forward to sharing that knowledge at the Xeikon Café. Our cutting systems are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of packaging, sign and label applications.”

He explains the trend towards shorter runs is not new. The required printing technology is now commonly available from manufacturers like Xeikon. But there are still production processes beyond printing, like cutting and creasing, which are normally not practical or efficient for short-runs. “We look forward to demonstrating to the industry how this part of the puzzle can be solved,” he adds.

At the Xeikon Café, digital cutting solutions specialist Zünd will focus on luxury packaging and present a unique solution enabling customers to efficiently cut and crease in short-runs, with zero set-up and changeover involved. The solution is based on a S3 Digital cutter, configured with automatic sheet-feeding and Zünd Cut Center software. An integrated camera completes the digital workflow and offers automated file retrieval through printed QR codes, assuring perfect print-to-cut registration. It will integrate seamlessly with Xeikon’s Vectorizor software that adds-on to the Xeikon X-800 digital front-end to define a new standard in communication with die-cutting devices. It creates new opportunities to further automate production and increase productivity.

“Market differentiation is not just about investing in new equipment that adds services,” explains Jeroen van Bauwel, Director Product Marketing at Xeikon. “High quality and fast turnaround services are paramount in an industry where run lengths are decreasing. Customers want their products faster, placing pressure on operations to be more efficient, while shorter run jobs require improved job planning for seamless throughput to ensure work is completed as profitably as possible. Print within packaging has little or no value until it is converted into a product and so finding the right post-press partner can make all the difference. With its portfolio, knowledge and expertise Zünd can offer our customers the answers they are searching for.”

About Zünd Systemtechnik AG
Zünd Systemtechnik AG, a family-owned business with operations worldwide, specializes in developing and manufacturing digital cutting systems. The Zünd name personifies Swiss Quality and is synonymous with precision, performance, and reliability. Since 1984 Zünd has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing modular cutting systems and is globally recognized as market leader. The Zünd customer base consists of manufacturers and suppliers in many different industries, including graphics, packaging, garment and leather, as well as technical textile and composites. Zünd maintains headquarters in Altstätten, Switzerland, where the company’s R&D, marketing, and production facilities are located. Besides Zünd’s own sales and service organizations in Hong Kong (China), India, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States, Zünd relies on a worldwide network of long-standing, independent distribution & service partners.