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Zünd at Texprocess 2017 – meeting high expectations.

Zünd is pleased to report another successful showing at Texprocess 2017. Before an international audience, the leading provider of digital cutting systems presented its latest solutions for highly productive and flexible textile cutting. Of particular interest was the company's new automatic roll-handling system.

How to improve productivity through higher-performance equipment, better workflow integration, and more flexibility in processing cutting jobs were the primary topics of conversation with many prospective and existing customers and partners. Thus many visitors to the Zünd booth were equally interested in Zünd's digital cutting systems and the latest solutions for automatic roll handling and advancing. This is why Zünd took the opportunity to introduce the new cradle feeder at this year's Texprocess. This new material-handling system permits unwinding/advancing and rewinding high-stretch fabrics completely without tension. Equipped with integrated edge control, the cradle feeder ensures precise placement of the material on the cutting surface and is even capable of error-free advancing less than perfectly wound materials, including telescoping or coreless rolls.

With the D3 cutter, Zünd also showed off its most productive cutting system, capable of unprecedented performance because of its innovative dual-beam design. The two beams, each equipped with up to three different modules or tools, operate simultaneously and independently. Depending on the specifics of the cutting jobs and designs, this can up to double the throughput of the system, which is a significant advantage in a market dominated by the need for ever-shorter times to market. Because of Zünd's insistence on modularity, the D3 cutting system is no exception when it comes to its adaptability to changing requirements. New tools, modules, or automated material-loading/unloading systems can easily be integrated and added to existing installations.

A Zünd cutter was also part of the Digital Textile Micro Factory and provided fashion producers and garment manufacturers a hands-on demonstration of the ways they can benefit from a highperformance Zünd cutting system – particularly with its remarkable ability to reduce time to market. The workflow concept that Zünd introduced in cooperation with several partners, is titled "Simulate, Print & Cut“. Besides digital design and pattern development, the concept also includes 3D visualization. After digital printing, the Zünd cutter takes care of cutting the fabric. In one cohesive workflow, „Simulate, Print & Cut“ makes available to the garment industry more efficient, flexible and robust production processes – another important milestone on the road to Industry 4.0.

Caption: Zünd presented state-of-the-art digital cutting solutions for textile applications at Texprocess 2017.