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Zünd cutting systems: multi-functionality on display at JEC World 2019

At JEC World 2019 in Paris, Zünd presents the latest developments in modular digital cutting solutions for composites. The Swiss cutting system manufacturer is known for its expertise in resolving the challenges of processing the difficult materials commonly used in this industry.

From March 12 to 14 Zünd is presenting digital cutting solutions at JEC World 2019 (Hall 6, Booth D27). Zünd is the digital cutting system of choice in the automotive and aerospace sectors. Capable of delivering the utmost in cut quality, Zünd systems are ideal for processing demanding materials while meeting the highest safety standards.

Zünd cutting systems are systematically geared towards fully automated production; even so, they allow for gradual implementation with a wide array of semi-automated options. The primary goal is always to achieve more throughput in less time.

Raw materials including carbon or glass fiber, semi-finished products such as prepreg or thermoplastic organo sheets, honeycomb, foam core, and related materials – they are all part of the wide variety of materials used in the composites industry. What makes Zünd cutters unique is that all of these materials can be cut on a single, multi-functional cutting system.

In Industry 4.0 in general and composites cutting in particular, barrier-free data flow is key to establishing efficient production workflows. With software solutions from Zünd, users are well equipped to handle the tough demands of a challenging market. The software automatically optimizes cutting contours and cut paths depending on the material and choice of tools. With the integrated nesting function, parts are laid out automatically for optimal material usage. In view of the rising cost of materials, optimum material yield and uncompromising cut quality are essential to economical and profitable digital cutting.

Zünd's cutting solutions also excel in low total cost of ownership. In all cost factors involved in these calculations, Zünd cutters come out on top. Because of their remarkable value retention, depreciation is very low. At the same time, high reliability minimizes maintenance and downtime. And with superior automation at any level, Zünd cutters help reduce the cost of labor.