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Zünd Systemtechnik AG at Texprocess 2015

At Texprocess 2015, May 4-7 in Frankfurt, Germany (booth C63, Halle 4), Zünd Systemtechnik will be exhibiting fully automated, state-of-the-art digital cutting systems for the garment and other industries with a need for processing fabric and textiles.

Zünd is showcasing a G3 L-2500, equipped with a Center Winder roll-off system, in conjunction with a powerful nesting module. The goal is to demonstrate to garment manufacturers/textile processors how Zünd cutting systems are capable of increasing productivity while simultaneously reducing personnel costs. The robust G3 L-2500 cutter is configured for accurately and efficiently cutting printed textiles and/or fabrics with repeat patterns. Zund Cut Center, along with a set of sophisticated nesting algorithms, supports the user in the layout of cut files for maximum material utilization and minimal waste, which is particularly useful when it comes to applications involving expensive materials. Zund Cut Center with Cut Queue provides another highlight. Intelligent job management prepares the nested jobs for cutting, which allows for unattended processing, e.g. during overnight shifts. In addition, the Cut Queue calculates an estimated processing time for each processing phase and, once the job is completed, saves the actual processing time as part of the cut file. This data can subsequently be exported for invoicing or production planning. A comprehensive library integrated in ZCC suggests optimal processing methods for a wide range of materials and specifies the necessary cutting parameters. A user no longer needs extensive knowledge or training in materials or substrates in order to operate the Zünd with confidence and efficiency.

With its Center Winder roll-off system, Zünd offers a sophisticated solution for automatically advancing rolled materials onto the cutting surface. A dancer system ensures consistent feed tension, allowing for processing even the most challenging materials without wrinkles or distortions. In addition, the Center Winder can also be used for winding or rewinding materials.

The S3 L-1200 configuration shown at Texprocess with a cradle feeder roll-off further underscores Zünd's expertise in textile applications. The proven S3 provides a comprehensive, modular cutting solution for fully automated processing of fabrics with repeat patterns. Because of its superb modularity, the S3 is the perfect digital cutting system for cost-conscious producers in the made-to-measure market segment.

The tooling presented in conjunction with Zünd's cutters is exceedingly modular and adaptable, making it possible to process a seemingly endless variety of textiles and other flexible materials. Whether woven or non-woven materials, films, felts, or foams, Zünd offers robust, high-precision cutting technology for processing all these materials and more. High-performance tools, such as the extremely robust Power Rotary Tool, were developed especially for cutting tough, challenging textiles reliably and economically.

Equipped with the Center Winder, the Zünd G3 L-2500 cutter offers fully automated, efficient, and economical processing of rolled materials up to 1.8 m / 10 ft wide.