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Digital production on Zünd cutter and built-in flexibility deliver outstanding customer service

Digital production on Zünd cutter and built-in flexibility deliver outstanding customer service. 

VB-H Verpackungsberatung Hage GmbH & Co. KG, located in Sonnenbühl-Undingen, Germany, was established in 1998 by Ursula Hage. She manages the company together with her husband, Karl Müller. In the meantime, VB-H has grown to 35 employees (25 of which are permanent) and can cover demands in every aspect of the packaging workflow: purchasing/warehousing of packaging and packaging materials, design and manufacture of sample or short-run packaging and displays, contract packaging. The company‘s digital production is generated by two Zünd G3 L-2500 cutting systems, one UV flatbed printer and, in March 2012, received a further boost with the addition of a G3 XL-3200 cutter and BHS Board Handling System, newly introduced in 2011.

Board Handling System
The G3 XL-3200 with BHS was sold by Zünd partner and distributor ERPA Systeme GmbH, who also coordinated the installation at VB-H. The 2.2 × 3.2 m (89 x 125“) cutter with fully automated board loading/unloading was installed in record time. The third day of the installation, the system was already producing a first short run. „We tend to put our money on new technologies and equipment, while others wait one or two years before they take the leap. By that time, it’s long since become routine for us,“ says Sebastian Müller, Karl Müller’s son, who sees this as a tremendous advantage. „Somebody’s got to be the first one to use a new machine. We are fully aware there may be problems initially, but with the help of ERPA and ZÜND, these get resolved very quickly. So far it has always worked out perfectly.“ 

Easy handling with Zünd Cut Center
Easy handling has been a key benefit for VB-H. Zünd Cut Center gives the user the ability to remotely control the system. This aspect of the software has been particularly useful for VB-H since the offices and the production hall are in separate locations. „By controlling the system with a mouse click from our offices, we don’t have to keep someone in the production hall to supervise. Occasionally, we just send someone over to load/unload materials with the forklift. It’s all quite convenient and takes very little time“, says Sebastian Müller.

Great flexibility
For VB-H, service is a prime consideration. Because of the seamless software integration between VPack, ERPA’s 3D CAD/CAM solution, and Zünd Cut Center, last-minute changes can be made to the product even if it is already in production. „This kind of thing can happen even after we’ve already received the go-ahead from the customer. If we had already made a die, such changes would be cost-prohibitive.“ In addition, we can now serve our customer base better with faster, more flexible, and even more economical short runs, which has also helped us gain new customers. A quarter of the new machine›s production time is already being taken up with orders from the existing base, while new customers are coming on board all the time.