«Further, higher, faster!»

For Viktor Tishchenko, his company motto is both a promise to his customers and a declaration to his competitors. With state-of-the-art production equipment, lean manufacturing processes, and an end-to-end digital workflow, Victor VVV's CEO has built up a considerable competitive advantage. In spring 2019, Tishchenko took the next logical step by deciding to implement digital finishing, which led to the integration of two new Zünd G3 cutting systems in the company's production workflow.

Founded in 2005 and based in Kiev, Victor VVV has become one of the largest providers of POP/POS graphics in the Ukraine. With nearly 100 employees, the company primarily supplies large supermarket chains and ad agencies with everything from displays, posters, and price tags to the occasional complete design and build-out of retail establishments. The company's wide-ranging services are all performed in house—from brainstorming and design to implementation and production, using such diverse technologies as laser cutting, UV printing, thermoforming, and routing. In the spring of 2019, the finishing department underwent extensive modernization with the installation of two fully configured Zünd G3 XL-3200 digital cutting systems. Equipped with high-performance tooling and a 2.27 x 3.2 m (89 x 126 in) cutting area, the Zünd cutters cut and route a wide variety of materials: aluminum, acrylic, MDF, PVC, PET, PU, PE, felt, vinyl, film, wood... the possibilities are virtually endless. The versatility of Zünd cutters was indeed the deciding factor, explains Tishchenko: "The cutting systems' modular design combined with the wide range of available tools allows us to tap into an ever wider range of applications." With the EOT250 oscillating tool and the powerful 3.6 kW router module RM-L, Victor VVV is relying on tools developed specifically for processing challenging materials with utmost efficiency and precision.

Before getting to this point, however, Victor VVV had to overcome the challenges common to many PSPs saddled with inefficient production processes and few options for optimization. The company's existing finishing equipment was unreliable and unable to cope with the increasing diversity in substrates. After extensive evaluation of various cutting systems, the test results achieved by the Zünd cutters are what convinced the decision makers at Victor VVV. Says Viktor Tishchenko: "It became clear pretty quickly that Zünd cutters, because of their performance, productivity, and versatility, would best meet our needs». If one takes routing acrylic as an example, throughput in that application alone could be increased tenfold. "This, in addition to the marked reduction in waste and far greater ease of use, has made it possible for us to handle rising production volumes and further extend our competitive advantage." And Zünd digital cutting technology has brought printing and finishing even closer together, streamlining these production processes and integrating them in a single, seamless digital workflow.

Viktor Tishchenko: "It quickly became clear that Zünd high-performance cutters were best suited for our diverse applications and would more than fulfill our needs in terms of productivity and performance," explains CEO Victor Tishchenko.

In the spring of 2019, Victor VVV modernized its finishing department with two Zünd G3 XL-3200 high-performance digital cutting systems.