Zünd expands router bit selection

With the latest multipurpose and ACM bits, Zünd now offers an even wider selection of high-performance tools. With numerous technical innovations, the new bits meet the highest demands for quality and productivity.

NEW: Special Zünd router bits for aluminum composite materials
Processing ACM, i.e. aluminium composite materials such as Dibond, poses particular challenges for the cutter and the routing tool. Vertical forces generated during routing lead to vibrations that may affect the material's surface and edge quality. To prevent these vibrations, Zünd has made changes to the bit geometry and developed a new line of bits specifically for ACM applications. The optimized design extends the lifespan of the bits and also increases productivity because of higher feed rates. The new ACM bits ensure burr-free edges and superior surface quality, meeting even the most rigorous quality standards.

More versatile than ever: Zünd multipurpose bits
In the past year Zünd began offering a series of multipurpose bits in conjunction with the automatic router bit changer ARC. In view of the high demand for these bits, Zünd will be providing them in the near future without stop ring as well. This will make them available for use with manual (nonpneumatic) collets. Zünd's many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of routing is reflected in the development of these new multipurpose bits. High-precision polished cutting edges in conjunction with perfectly designed cutting faces make it possible to process an exceptionally wide variety of different materials, including acrylic, aluminum, expanded PVC, MDF, etc., with the same bit. The resulting edge and surface quality meets the highest of standards. In many cases, the bit actually creates edges that are so clean, they look polished. Without compromising the quality of the finished product, this makes further polishing, and thus an additional, costly post-processing step, unnecessary. Multipurpose router bits are suitable for hard and soft substrates alike.

The new ACM bits can be ordered from Zünd immediately, while the multipurpose bits without stop ring will be available from September 1.