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Zünd presenta le sue ultime innovazioni al Fespa.

Continuiamo ad essere la vostra\"prima scelta per il taglio digitale.\", Ancora una volta, Zünd presenta con orgoglio le sue innovazioni presso il Fespa a Londra,Stand C20S. Nel 2012 la serie di cutter S3 è stata il punto focale, and this year, we have more Zünd highlights on tap! Among other things, we will be showing the latest version of the multiple award-winning Zünd Cut Center Software.

Zünd Cut Center - ZCC 2.0

The ZCC user interface and workflow suite is completely tailored to our customers‘ needs – a tool for pros, designed by pros. It is the perfect complement to Zünd cutting systems and supports every aspect of the digital cutting process - guaranteeing an optimal workflow, exceptional quality, and productivity.

Zünd Cut Center is geared for preparing and processing cutter-ready digital cut files. Files from all widely-used RIPs and nesting programs can be processed without going through any additional file preparation. Consequently, ZCC integrates effortlessly in any production workflow and interactively guides the user through every phase of production finishing.

Another innovative feature we will be showing at Fespa is the tandem vacuum system. This material-handling option allows for efficient loading of sheets and boards while the machine continues producing. The operator places or removes material on one side, while cutting continues on the other. This tandem setup increases the efficiency of the workflow, keeps idle time to a minimum, and provides maximum productivity. 

Zünd Highlights at Fespa 2013:

  • Zünd Cut Center – ZCC 2.0
  • Tandem vacuum system – for maximum productivity
  • Zünd Board Handling System BHS – the ultimate in automation