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Modular turn-key solutions deliver unsurpassed productivity for industrial leather cutting

At Simac 2017 (Hall 18, Booth K47/H42), Zünd is presenting the latest fully integrated turn-key cutting system for industrial, whole-hide leather processing. At the core of this innovative cutting solution is the Zünd D3 cutter, a dual-beam system that delivers the ultimate in productivity for industrial leather cutting.

Leather utilization with the least amount of waste, maximum productivity, and superior cut quality are the prerequisites for success in industrial leather processing. To attain these, all digital cutting system components must be perfectly integrated with each other for a complete, seamless production workflow. With a turnkey system, Zünd offers a perfectly integrated cutting solution from a single source. At the core of the system is the dual-beam Zünd D3 cutter with modular projection system and MindCut Studio state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software. With D3, Zünd's latest high-performance cutter series, Zünd presents an even more productive solution for industrial leather cutting. The main focus of the system is on increasing productivity, flexibility, and profitability in whole-hide cutting. With the D3, it is possible to effectively double the throughput. This dramatic increase in productivity stems mainly from the use of two independent, simultaneously operating beams that can each carry up to three different modules for cutting and punching. The precision of the drive system in combination with advanced control and workflow software are a sure path to superior efficiency, profitability, and ultimate success in leather cutting.

Flexible and fast – Zünd L3 Cutter with MindCut Studio
With the L3 cutter series and its extraordinary modularity, flexibility, and performance, Zünd has clearly set a new standard in the industry. Leather cutting has become more precise and economical than ever before, thanks to the L3. Zünd high-performance tools are capable of cutting at speeds of up to 84 m/ min (275 ft/min) and punching up to eight holes per second in all different types of leather. L3 cutting systems are available in two sizes: The L3 C-40 has an active working area of 2300 x 1000 mm (90 x 40 in); the L3 C-56 a working area of 3240 x 1000 mm (128 x 40 in). With the proper setup, each system can operate in tandem mode, i.e. in a non-stop production workflow where loading/unloading occurs on one side of the machine while processing continues without interruption on the other.

At Simac Zünd will be showing an L3 C-56 in combination with MindCut Studio. The software automatically optimizes the files for cutting. Cut paths are adjusted for the material and type of tool in use, which results in high-quality leather parts that are cut cleaner, faster, and with unprecedented efficiency. The powerful nesting function helps create efficient, material-saving layouts even with the most complex shapes. This significantly reduces setup and processing times, maximizes hide usage, and minimizes waste.

S3 M-800 – versatile and automated
The highly productive and versatile Zünd S3 cutter series is the perfect digital cutting solution for shoe manufacturing. The S3 is the result of the company's many years of experience in digital cutting combined with innovative technologies and Swiss precision. Eliminating the need for expensive dies and requiring very little manpower, the Zünd S3 cutter processes materials such as leather, sole, lining, and pattern materials efficiently and in accordance with the highest quality standards.

„Our digital cutting solutions have a significant impact on productivity; however, the trend towards automation throughout various phases of production also requires a seamless transfer of data. By combining Zünd D3 cutters with modular projection systems and software from our partner Mind, we can offer added value to the leather industry and to customers intent on automation and efficiency," says Thomas Rodighiero, Product Manager Leather.