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RM-120, the new routing module from Zünd – robust and exceptionally versatile

Zünd's new RM-120 routing module offers outstanding performance and versatility.

The new RM-120 routing module was developed specifically for packaging manufacturers with a need for routing foam packaging and protective inserts. The RM-120 is suitable for Zünd G3 cutter configurations with 120 mm / 4.7 in beam height. This routing module further enhances the versatility of the G3 since it allows packaging providers to efficiently and cost-effectively process foam materials up to 110 mm / 4.3 in thick.

With the RM-120, it is now possible to route up to 50 mm / 2 in deep pockets into high-density foam blocks. This eliminates the need for processing foam in layers and subsequently glueing them together to create the finished product. From case and container inserts, to padding, dividers, trays, holders and other foam applications for equipment shipping, warehousing, and general handling, the Zünd G3 equipped with the RM-120 router module provides access to a whole new range of product and material choices. As a packaging provider, you can now efficiently and economically create complete packaging systems – including protective inserts – on one and the same machine.

The RM-120 router module is largely based on the ground-breaking technology of the proven RM-A router module. Its outstanding performance characteristics stem from the use of a 1kW high-frequency router spindle, active air cooling, and an unusually efficient dust extraction system.

Caption: With the RM-120, Zünd brings to market a high-performance routing solution for Zund G3 cutting systems with 120 mm / 4.7 in beam height.