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Velocity Composites

The British composites specialist Velocity Composites dramatically increases productivity with a new Zünd G3 L-2500 cutter.

Solutions, cut to shape
Founded in 2007, Velocity Composites Ltd. develops and processes composite materials for the automotive and aerospace industries. One of the company's specialties is a kittingsupply service, which consists of engineering and manufacturing complete precut kits for individual applications. This allows customers to purchase all components required for producing specific composites parts as kits which, in addition to composites, may also include ancillary materials such as cut-to-shape vacuum film, breather/bleeder and peel ply. In the summer of 2014, Velocity successfully expanded its production capacity with the purchase of their 6th Zünd G3 L-2500 cutter.

Performance at its best
The processes involved in the manufacturing of these kits are quite demanding. This is where the latest Zünd G3 L-2500 cutter with its outstanding versatility performs at its best. The G3, equipped with extremely powerful, highperformance Zünd tooling, efficiently processes all required materials on one and the same machine. According to Director Chris Banks, Velocity opted for a further Zünd because of the complete package from capabilities and ease of use of the cutting system: „Zünd cutters are very easy to integrate in existing production workflows, and the software also makes them exceedingly easy to use with efficient material savings. In addition, there is no need for protracted operator training.“

Further reduction in processing times
„Investing in our 6th Zünd Cutter G3 L-2500 has again led to massive reductions in processing times. This explains the disproportionate growth we have been experiencing in our kitting business“, adds Chris Banks. The latest G3 cutter added to Velocity's production line is equipped with extremely robust and powerful tools. The high-performance Driven Rotary Tool – DRT, together with the positive air pressure carbon fibre protection system that prevents ingress of electrically charged or abrasive dust particles, is used for efficient, high-precision cutting of carbon fiber materials, prepreg, and ancillary materials.

Chris Banks, CEO: „The outstanding performance, modularity and versatility of the Zünd G3 L-2500 are what makes this cutter exceptional.“