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Fischer Konzept now has six cutters from Zünd

The only brand capable of meeting the packaging manufacturer's performance and quality requirements.

An impressive lineup

Established in 2005, the German packaging manufacturer Fischer Konzept produces transport packaging for a number of prestigious clients in the automotive, electrical, and medical industries. Fischer processes primarily corrugated cardboard in various grades but also makes foam packaging inserts. Having installed the first Zünd digital cutter in 2007, the company now has six Zünds on the production floor – among them four G3 L-2500 models.

Exceptional performance
The steady increase in order volume has led to Fischer Konzept's adding a new Zünd cutter on a yearly basis. „The extraordinary performance and reliability of these cutters is what permitted us to grow as fast as we did“, explains company owner Gudrun Fischer. Fischer's annual production volume is now approximately 800‘000 m2 in corrugated board. For Gudrun Fischer, Zünd cutting systems are unique in their ability to meet her company's highly variable production demands: „In my opinion, Zünd cutters are currently the only digital cutting systems capable of meeting our stringent requirements for performance, quality, and reliability.“ For Fischer, the many ways in which Zünds can be adapted for different applications represent another clear distinction – and considerable benefit: „We have yet to come across a material the Zünd isn't capable of cutting, creasing, perforating, or routing. For us this opens up many new applications that go well beyond our core competencies.“

Success through modularity
„The outstanding modularity of Zünd cutters is a key factor in our success with these machines," Fischer concludes. „Zünd cutters adapt to our growing needs. New tools are easy to install – essentially "Plug & Produce" – and additional material-handling automation can be integrated as the need arises.“

Gudrun Fischer, Owner: „Of all the cutting systems currently available, I believe Zünd G3 is the only digital cutting system that offers the level of performance, quality, and reliability we need for our highly variable packaging production.“