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Kessler Engineering GmbH produces snowboards for top professionals with a Zünd Cutter G3 M-2500

Boards for a world champion

Kessler Swiss, founded in 1987 by Hansjürg Kessler in Braunwald, makes snowboards for Olympians and world champions. The snowboards are precisely cut to the customers' individual requirements. With his vast specialist knowledge and strong drive for innovation, Hansjürg Kessler has built a company that is known worldwide. Their snowboards are manufactured on a Zünd G3 M-2500 cutter.

One system for all materials

With the G3 M-2500, geared towards productivity and quality, Kessler cuts all materials needed for snowboards cleanly and precisely. An important base material is the high-performance Ptex plastic. The modular tool and material handling system enables Kessler Swiss to process a wide range of other materials, such as cardboard, leather and labeling or textile vinyls.

"More flexible and versatile"

With the new Zünd Cutter G3 M-2500, Kessler Swiss was able to significantly reduce production times. Hansjürg Kessler: "The Zünd Cutter offers us innovative new approaches to board design. We have become signficantly more flexible and versatile in manufacturing." Kessler Swiss engraves its logo directly onto the board with the URT Universal Routing Tool. Previously, Kessler Swiss had carried out the engraving on a CNC routing machine. With the Zünd Cutter, this additional step can be forgone. The high performance of the G3 M-2500 enables Hansjörg Kessler to fill external orders. As an example, he cuts leather covers for sleds. An important reason for choosing a Zünd Cutter, besides productivity and cost-effectiveness, was the high degree of service competence: "Zünd places great value on service. This reduces downtimes to a minimum."

Hansjürg Kessler, Owner, CEO: "With the Zünd Cutter, we produce boards perfectly tailored to the individual requirements of the rider."