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Find the best Zünd cutter for your applications and requirements. Our cutting systems and software combine to form an unbeatable solution that fits seamlessly into your production process. Want to automate your cutting? Or invest in powerful, future-proof cutting technology? You’ve come to the right place.

Zünd is further expanding its portfolio of powerful digital cutting solutions. The Q-Line with BHS180 raises the bar for industrial, pallet-to-pallet production.

  • Pallet-to-pallet production
  • Automated tool management
  • Substructure made from highly stable concrete
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Why Zünd?

Versatility creates maximum profitability Modular systems enable flexible planning Superior productivity with digital cutting One system - a thousand possibilities High quality and precision Open interface for easy integration Simple and intuitive operation Tailor-made automation Safe investment and value retention Reliable from A to Z Our experience - your competitive advantage

Fabric or acrylic, cutting, creasing, or perforating - our cutting systems impress with their flexibility. The wide range of materials and processing methods make the cutting solutions almost universally applicable. It helps you better cope with increasing numbers of short runs and customer demand for customization and personalization.

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Sustainability Our green side

As a company with operations all over the world, we are aware of our responsibility to protect the environment. We strive to limit the environmental impact of our activities and use our resources sparingly. We try to balance economic, environmental, and social responsibilities in all our activities.

Sustainability Sustainable architecture

Our ecological concerns are meant to be seen and felt both on the outside and inside. Natural landscaping and sustainable architecture reflect our care for human beings and the environment. All our buildings feature roofs with extensive greenscapes; what we take from the ground, we give back on the roof.

Sustainability 1st Minergie-P industrial building in Switzerland

The technology and building envelope incorporated in the design are in compliance with stringent Minergie-P standards. We use a geothermal system with heat pump and ground loops as energy source. Compared to conventional new buildings, the Minergie-P building uses five times less energy and reduces CO2 emissions to less than twenty percent.

Sustainability Energy from sunlight

We operate a photovoltaic system with an output of 112 kWp and an area of 740 m2. The solar panels face east and west since our primary concern is not maximum power generation and pay-back, but the ability to use for our own purposes as much of the energy we generate throughout the day.

Sustainability Short supply chains

Our environmental priorities in the manufacturing process are focused on energy and resource efficiency. For this reason, we favor suppliers from our immediate vicinity: approximately 65% of the components that go into our cutting systems are supplied by companies within a 30-km radius.

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