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Sustainable through and through

We don’t like to shout about it, but you might like to know that we are fully committed to sustainability. After all, working sustainably benefits everyone: our environment, our company, our employees – and, especially, you.

For us, sustainability is more than just a goal – it’s the fundamental principle of how we operate. In every facet of sustainability, we are continually working to help create a more sustainable future.


Economical, efficient, sustainable

Efficiently using resources and reducing waste are key sustainability factors for our customers. As a manufacturer of cutting systems, we shoulder a great deal of responsibility in this respect. Part of our role as a technology and innovation leader is the responsibility to make our products more sustainable and to play a leading role in the area of sustainable product development.

As a technology leader, we are also forging ahead and providing fresh impetus in the field of digitalization. Digitalization helps our customers work with greater speed, flexibility, transparency, and efficiency – and thus also helps them to conserve resources.

  • Productivity: With a Zünd cutter, you’ll take your productivity to next level.
  • Material yield: Ideal material utilization thanks to smart software for preparing production, including nesting.
  • Durability: Zünd cutters are known for their durability. That’s not always to our advantage, but it certainly is to yours!
  • Reliability: Sometimes, it just has to be fast. Our service technicians are nearby wherever you are in the world and quickly and reliably address your issue – so you can quickly get back to business.
  • “Power Option”: The Power Option in the ZCC cutter software ensures that the vacuum unit and the cutter automatically switch off after a certain amount of time has passed once production has ended. This ensures that your cutter is used energy efficiently.

Social justice

The social dimensions of sustainability are deeply rooted in our processes. One aspect of this has always been good career and further training opportunities for our employees. We take socially sustainable action that has a positive impact on both the health and the satisfaction of our employees and creates an environment in which they feel comfortable and socially integrated.

As a company that operates internationally, our social responsibility mindset extends beyond our workforce. This is reflected in our social commitment, such as our sponsorship of clubs and associations, not to mention social and cultural projects both in Switzerland and internationally.

  • A family-run company for two generations and counting
  • Karl Zünd Foundation: Working to promote social justice
  • Fair wages

Our green side

At Zünd, environmental protection is a multifaceted commitment. This includes our dedication to minimizing the impact that our business activities have on the environment. We take our environmental responsibility very seriously and do everything we can to give back to nature through a variety of measures. Protecting biodiversity is a task of the utmost importance. We play our part in that respect through our own nature and kitchen garden, by expanding green spaces, and by avoiding the use of sealed surfaces.


Vegetables from the kitchen garden: a company feeds itself

“In Altstätten, St. Gallen, we have what is probably the only vegetable garden in Switzerland that fully supplies the company’s staff restaurant with vegetables. The nature and kitchen garden combines biodiversity and vegetable production – thanks to the former agriculture journalist Eveline Dudda.”

Eveline Dudda and her colleague Fabia Steiner produce vegetables, lettuce, flowers and herbs in 200 beds all year round for the Zünd Systemtechnik AG staff restaurant.

The “NaNu” garden

More information about our nature and kitchen garden

Sustainability experienced at all levels

We really don’t like to just talk about it. We’d rather show you personally how sustainability shapes the world of Zünd at every level: economic, environmental, and social. 

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