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Faster, more flexible and innovative

By converting to digital, you streamline your production processes, integrate them, and create added value for your business. It helps reduce costs and simultaneously speeds up your production processes. You become more flexible and have the ability to create customized products efficiently and economically. With digital cutting and innovative technologies, you lay the foundation for future growth.


G3 Digital Cutter
10 reasons

Advantages of digital cutting

Efficiently produce one-offs and short runs

Integrated digital production workflows considerably reduce the costs per unit. Switch-overs on our cutters are quick and largely automatic. This lets you produce single pieces as cost-effectively as large runs.

Make your cutting processes consistent and reproducible

Jobs can be easily saved, including all relevant parameters. This creates repeatability and increases the quality of your products. We make digital cutting data transparent and cutting processes completely reproducible.

Cut parts with precision to the tightest tolerances

Pre-printed materials, stretchable fabrics, fine contours and details - even in demanding scenarios like these, single-layer digital cutting systems deliver exceptional precision. Whether prototype, small series, or mass production, the size of the job in no way affects cut quality.

Minimize waste and rejects

Digital production workflows produce high-quality products - on demand and with little or no waste. Intelligent software tools ensure the highest possible efficiency in parts placement and nesting. Maximize material yield and reduce waste to a minimum. Digital production eliminates errors and minimizes waste.

React to changes on the fly

Digital production gives you the ability to comply with customer requests for adjustments on very short notice. This creates tremendous flexibility in production planning and job processing.

Produce cut parts at the highest quality levels

Compared to multi-layer or traditional die-cutting, the quality of the cut edges remains consistently high. Single-layer cutters offer more reliable material hold-down.

Accurately cut printed or patterned materials

When processing patterned or pre-printed materials, you can always rely on precisely cut pieces that fit together perfectly. Optical detection systems ensure the highest levels of accuracy.

Make your cutting more flexible

Investing in a Zünd Cutter leaves all your options open for the future. Whether you decide to expand your business into new applications or process new materials, your Zünd Cutter lets you adapt to any new requirements. 

Save space - forgo dies, do away with stencils

In traditional die-cutting, you have to manage and maintain countless dies. This costs time in handling and tends to take up a lot of space. Space you would certainly prefer to use more productively than simply for storing dies. In digital cutting, your cut files will take up very little space in the computer.

Mass-produce parts that are identical to the prototypes

Before they are mass-produced, parts are frequently presented to the customer as samples. Digital cutting technology lets you create perfect prototypes. Once the samples are approved, you can start mass-producing at the push of a button. The finished parts are absolutely identical to the sample.


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