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The control center for Print&Cut prepress

Software for a smarter workflow. Intelligent automation with PrimeCenter.

Acting as control center for generating print & cut files, PrimeCenter helps create an efficient and productive prepress workflow. Create nested print & cut layouts in just a few clicks.

PrimeCenter Version 2.4.2 available!

Here's an overview of the most important new features:

  • New OS support: Linux Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish), macOS 13 (Ventura)
  • Preserve job order in nesting: Save time prioritizing your jobs with this new feature and enjoy even more flexibility in job management. By using specific metadata, jobs can be grouped and prioritized automatically to facilitate the dispatch of customers' orders.
  • Fixups in input XML job ticket​: Now you can automate job preparation even further by indicating the fixups to apply directly in the input XML job ticket. This improvement grants more flexibility in automated workflows and reduces the number of recipes to manage in PrimeCenter.

More new PrimeCenter features?

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What's New?

Bleed allowance

Add bleed to compensate for registration issues.

Duplicate pixels

Mirror pixels

Create trim boxes

Automatic trim-box generation saves time in preparing files for different applications.

Trim box

Trim box with pending

Preflight Check

Incorrect files are quickly recognized and can be optimized early on.



For quick identification, job information can be added to the nested layout in tear-off flaps.


Ganging by metadata

Nesting in groups, known as ganging, makes it easy to sort finished parts.


Nest in chunks

Perhaps you'd rather not print a full 50m/165ft roll all at once? PrimeCenter lets you automatically divide print jobs into chunks.


Five reasons for PrimeCenter

Optimize your workflow with PrimeCenter, save time, prevent errors and bottlenecks.

It saves time Maximizing material yield Eliminates errors Optimizes workflow Simplifies file preparation

The option to perform bleed and trim boxes directly in PrimeCenter reduces the number of steps required in prepress and helps you save time.

Levels of automation for different speeds

PrimeCenter Basic PrimeCenter Pro PrimeCenter Max

Retain complete control over each step in a manual workflow. 
Go through each step relevant to your file-preparation process – simply and intuitively.

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