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Digital Cutting Software

With Zünd Cut Center - ZCC, you are always a step ahead!

Software designed to take you further

Zünd Cut Center software facilitates every aspect of the production workflow – from file import and production planning, to cutting data optimization, cutting system management, and remote production monitoring.

Zünd Cut Center - ZCC

Zünd Cut Center - ZCC takes finishing to the next level. By optimizing both cutter utilization and manpower, ZCC significantly increases your productivity.  

  • Process more jobs without adding manpower
  • Optimize material yield with software-assisted setup
  • Maximize process reliability with automated workflows, flexible job management, and reliable pre- & post-production analysis
  • Make your production workflow more transparent and efficient through data exchange with ERP and MIS systems

Intelligent, automated file preparation

Import of cutting data Automatic cut data optimization Customizable import settings Production planning Calculate accurately, produce economically

Let hot folders perform cutter-related file preparation for you. Automatic generation of production-ready data accelerates your workflow and eliminates the need for manual steps in file preparation.

Organization & overview of all your jobs

Estimated production time Eliminate overcuts Perfect creasing Powerful nesting function

Adjustments to cutting parameters can affect production time. To compare different settings and cut time estimates to accurately plan scheduling and production.

Well-conceived control center

Production at the cutter Intelligent materials database Tool usage monitoring Unique job identification Email notification A perfect preview

As direct interface to the cutter, Cut Center supports you in every aspect of the production process. The software recommends the correct tools for the job at hand.


For a perfect cut-to-print match, reliable registration is indispensable.

Digital capture Over Cutter Camera - OCC Integrated Compact Color Camera - ICC

Register roll materials automatically
ICC and OCC capture the exact material position after each advance. This ensures maximum productivity and consistently high quality.

Precise placement no longer needed
Board and sheeted materials can be placed randomly on the cutter. Intelligent optics automatically determine position and orientation.

Suitable for all materials
The ICC camera reliably captures register marks even with low-contrast or reflective materials.  

Always know what's going on

Online 24/7

The browser-based Dashboard gives management and production staff easy, full-time remote access to relevant performance data. It lets you always keep an eye on real-time order status and Zünd cutter utilization.

Keeping an eye on production

Real-time data on setup, processing, and idle time.
Dasboard Cutter Overview_de


Display and appraisal of production data for overall productivity studies.

Dasboard Statistik_de

All benefits at a glance

  • Review job queue via mobile device — anytime, anywhere
  • Quickly and easily add comments or additional job information
  • Identify problem areas early, with in-depth production monitoring


Zünd Cut Center templates for the Adobe software Illustrator and InDesign