• Magnetic film
  • Decorative film
  • Reflective vinyl
  • Teflon film
  • Pressure-sensitive vinyl
  • Perforated film
  • PET film
  • PU vinyl
  • Membrane switch films
  • Translucent film
  • Masking film
  • Self-adhesive film
  • Airbrush masking film
  • Sandblasting film
  • Scribing film
  • Sign vinyl
  • Emergency-vehicle reflective film
  • Warning film
  • See-through film
  • Plastic film
  • Polyester film
  • Self-adhesive vinyl


  • 3M
  • Antalis
  • Aslan
  • Avery Dennison
  • Oracal
  • Orafol
  • MaCal
  • MACtac
  • Hexis
  • Scotch

Tools for processing vinyl and film

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Kiss-Cut Tool

Kiss-cutting tool with adjustable pressure for processing many different types of vinyl.

Kiss-Cut Tool - KCT

Perfect cutting depth is essential for any vinyl application, especially in kiss-cutting. The variable, adjustable pressure of the kiss-cut tool enables precise cutting of vinyl and film without damage to the liner material.

In addition to all standard vinyls and films up to 3 mm thick, the tool is also suitable for cutting thin paper and cardboard. A fixed glide shoe is included with the tool. It is used for through-cutting cardboard and Diamond Grade vinyl.

  • Two processing methods: kiss-cutting & through-cutting
  • Max. Material thickness: 3 mm
  • Precise depth control
  • Clean cuts make for easy weeding
  • Special glide shoe available for processing Diamond Grade
  • Compatible with G3, S3, D3

Any type of vinyl or film

Universal Cutting Tool

Universal cutting tool for materials up to 5 mm thick.

Universal Cutting Tool - UCT

The Universal Cutting Tool is perfect for through-cutting various materials up to 5 mm/3/16 in thick. The use of drag knives allows for very high processing speeds. Compared to motor-driven tools, the UCT is very inexpensive to purchase and maintain. A spring-loaded glide shoe permits cutting very fine details. Optionally, a fixed glide shoe can be used for cutting at set depths.

  • Wide assortment of Zünd drag knives available
  • Very high processing speeds
  • Compatible with G3, S3, D3, L3
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Twin-wall sheets



Universal Drawing Tool

Drawing tool for use with widely available, standard pen inserts in various line thicknesses.

Universal Drawing Tool - UDT

The Universal Drawing Tool is a cost-effective tool for precisely marking/labeling materials including fabric, leather, rubber, and Teflon. This tool is used to draw assembly marks, line symbols, and text. Drawing/plotting is possible in any orientation.

The UDT is very cost-effective since it accommodates readily available, standard drawing/plotting tools such as felt-tip and ballpoint pencartridges available in various line widths.

  • This tool is used to draw assembly marks, line symbols, and text.
  • Compatible with G3, S3, D3
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Applicable modules

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Kiss-cut module

Precise kiss-cutting with electronically controlled cutting pressure.

Kiss-Cut Module

With low weight and short strokes/quick tool lifts, this module offers very high cutting speeds. The module also impresses with simple operation, rapid tool changes, and very high precision.

Depending on the application, you can choose between two different processing modes: in pressure mode, the module exerts constant pressure, adjustable from 30 to 1,500 grams, on the substrate. This results in precise, clean cuts in e.g. pressure-sensitive vinyl without damage to the liner material. In position mode, the tool through-cuts the material at a pre-set depth.

  • Kiss-cutting and through-cutting of all commonly used vinyls, films, etc.
  • Clean, precise cutting of self-adhesive vinyl without damage to liner
  • Compatible with S3
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Any type of vinyl or film

Universal module

Universal carrier modules for a wide range of tools.

Universal Module

The Universal Modules are widely applicable carrier modules designed to accommodate many different tools. The versatility of these modules makes it very cost-effective to adapt the cutting system to changing production requirements. 

A bayonet lock allows for quick tool changes without a need for a screwdriver. A new or different tool can be set up with little effort and made ready for use. Modules can be operated in pressure or position mode. For different applications, the Universal Module is available in four different versions.

  • Exceedingly fast tool changes
  • Tool detection
  • Two operating modes: pressure/position
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Module versions

UM-S (S3, L3)
UM-ZS (G3, D3)


UM-ZP (G3, D3)
UM-120 (G3)
UM-60L (G3, D3)