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Versatility in perfection

Whether for digital print on vinyl, POP made from corrugated cardboard, or textiles for soft signage applications, Zünd's extremely versatile cutting solutions meet the many and varied needs of the advertising industry.


The modular Zünd cutter concept gives you all the tools necessary to produce a wide variety of graphics, including building signs, window decals, lettering, vehicle wraps--anything from small to large and wide format. 

Soft signage
Soft signage

Flags and banners, roll-ups and folding walls - textile graphics have become indispensable in POP/POS advertising. We offer highly adaptable solutions for high-quality, efficient processing of fabric substrates.


POP displays are an eye-catching opportunity for presenting merchandise at the point of purchase/sale. With innovative software tools for assisting with design and state-of-the-art technology for digital cutting, we can offer tailor-made solutions that meet all your requirements.

Sticker and Wraps
Labels and decals

All around us, decals promote, label, direct, and identify. Whether for kiss-cutting or cutting to size, Zünd cutters meet the highest demands for precision, quality, and productivity. Forgo expensive dies.

Fotofabriek, Chris de Jonge

Manage your orders effectively

Fotofabriek is running several Zünd Cutters. With PrimeCenter, they are able to automate these cutters even more and process large and small orders very efficiently. The advice from Chris de Jonge from Fotofabriek when it comes to workflow optimization: “Take a good look at your own production process and your own workflows. Look for a good back-office system to effectively manage your orders.”

More about the PrimeCenter

Optimization possibilities in the graphics workflow

Marc produces graphics. From quoting to shipping, he relies on software solutions from Zünd. Find out here how Marc has optimized and automated his production workflow.


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