• Balloon silk
  • Felt
  • Functional textiles
  • Stencil materials
  • Awning fabric
  • Banner fabric
  • PVC banner material
  • Fleece
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Impermeable fabric
  • Carpet


  • All types of fabrics

Tools for processing textiles

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Driven Rotary Tool

Suitable for fabric and technical textiles. The driven rotary blade allows for very high processing speeds.

Driven Rotary Tool - DRT

The Driven Rotary Tool is designed for cutting all manner of textiles reliably and economically. The material is cut with a motor-driven ten-segmented blade. The blade geometry reduces the drag force on the material considerably and also helps cleanly sever thread or fiber. This processing method produces clean, precise cuts even on very loose, coarsely knit materials.

Choice of two RPM setting depending on the application. Also suitable for cutting materials with low melting points.

  • Use of rotary blades reduces drag on the material
  • Choice of 2 RPM settings (20,000/12,000 rpm)
  • Clean separation of each thread or fiber
  • Compatible with G3, S3, D3, L3
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Textiles of all kinds

Electric Oscillating Tool

Cutting tool with high oscillation frequency for soft to medium-density materials.

Electric Oscillating Tool - EOT

The Electric Oscillating Tool is suitable for cutting soft to medium-density materials. The high oscillating frequency enables high processing speed and efficient throughput.

Depending on the application, the EOT is available with 0.5 mm or 1.0 mm stroke. To accommodate different substrates and levels of detail, Zünd offers a wide range of both flat and pointed oscillating blades.

  • Depending on application, available with 0.5 mm or 1.0 mm stroke
  • Perfect for cutting detailed contours
  • Very high stroke frequency
  • High processing speeds
  • Compatible with G3, S3, D3, L3
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Twin-wall sheets




Power Rotary Tool

Robust, powerful tool for technically demanding textiles, carbon and glass fiber.

Power Rotary Tool - PRT

The extremely robust and powerful Power Rotary Tool is designed specifically for reliable, economical cutting of challenging materials. The materials that can be processed with this tool range widely, from hard fiberglass to extremely tough aramid fibers. Choice of 3 RPM settings (to 100%, 75%, 50% of the maximum). This permits cutting very tough materials as well as those with low melting points.

Positive air pressure protects against dust and debris from e.g. carbon fiber, while also cooling the motor.

  • Use of rotary blades reduces drag on the material
  • Choice of 3 RPM levels
  • Low-impact processing of materials with low melting points
  • Clean, precise cuts and high throughput
  • Compatible with G3, D3
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Textiles of all kinds

Wheel Knife Tool

Low-maintenance tool for single-ply cutting of glass and carbon fiber as well as technical textiles.

Wheel Knife Tool - WKT

The Wheel Knife Tool is an efficient, cost-effective tool option for single-ply cutting of glass and carbon fiber as well as technical textiles. The use of HSS steel blades in this tool allows for very high processing speeds and a clean, efficient cutting process.

Cutting is done in pressure mode. The pressure settings can be adjusted to precisely match the material properties and desired cut quality. A special PU (polyurethane) underlay is used in conjunction with this tool to prevent damaging the cutting surface.

  • High cutting speeds
  • Uses rotary, high-speed steel blades (HSS)
  • Processing possible without vacuum hold-down
  • Clean, efficient cutting process
  • Special polyurethane cutting underlay
  • Compatible with G3, D3
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Applicable modules

Universal module

Universal carrier modules for a wide range of tools.

Universal Module

The Universal Modules are widely applicable carrier modules designed to accommodate many different tools. The versatility of these modules makes it very cost-effective to adapt the cutting system to changing production requirements. 

A bayonet lock allows for quick tool changes without a need for a screwdriver. A new or different tool can be set up with little effort and made ready for use. Modules can be operated in pressure or position mode. For different applications, the Universal Module is available in four different versions.

  • Exceedingly fast tool changes
  • Tool detection
  • Two operating modes: pressure/position
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Module versions

UM-S (S3, L3)
UM-ZS (G3, D3)


UM-ZP (G3, D3)
UM-120 (G3)
UM-60L (G3, D3)