Board Handling System - BHS

Board Handling System - BHS

High volume, stringent quality requirements, unsurpassed flexibility... the Board Handling System lets you produce around the clock with minimal manpower! Fully automated board loading and unloading provides the ultimate in workflow efficiency. Personnel requirements are limited to bringing in/removing pallets of stacked sheets or boards. The Zünd cutter and Board Handling System are designed for 24/7, non-stop operation.

Advantages at a glance

  • Ultimate automation with minimal personnel requirements
  • Designed for industrial 24/7 operation
  • Maximum production capacity


  • Process large-format boards up to 2.0  x 3.2 m/78“x126“
  • Stack height up to 500 mm/19.5“
  • Max. load capacity 800 kg/1,750lbs
  • Available for cutter sizes XL-3200, L-3200, L-2500

Product video

BHS combined with a D3