1 Loading

Zünd offers a large selection of material feeding systems. They automate the loading and ensure tension-free material transport.

2 Capturing

A camera captures the textile to be processed and its exact position and dimension - regardless of whether a plain, printed, or patterned material is supplied.

3 Create markers

The powerful nesting software places the cut parts on the textile to save space and creates the marker fully automatically.

4 Cutting

The textiles are cut to shape with powerful tools. The vacuum system ensures the reliable fixation of the material on the working area.

5 Parts removal

For efficient parts removal, finished parts must be quickly and clearly identifiable. Projected color codes and part information help the operator with sorting.

Digitally printed sportswear

Flexible and precise: Process individually printed textiles

Individually digitally printed textiles are the latest trend. Zünd's Print&Cut workflow provides the necessary data consistency. With its open interfaces, Zünd cutters can be easily integrated into existing workflows and enable efficient contour cutting of individually printed textiles using registration marks.


Perfect pattern matching on patterned textiles

Whether dots, checks, or horizontal stripes - the intelligent optical systems reliably and automatically detect the patterns that are being recorded. The markers are perfectly matched in seconds with the textile pattern.