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Comprehensive yet modular solutions for maximum cutting efficiency

Zünd's exhibit at Interzum focuses on complete, efficient, and modular solutions for achieving maximum productivity in digital cutting. Zünd cutters are once again leading the way in creating highly productive workflows while combining efficient processing methods in a single platform.

For upholstered furniture manufacturers, fully automated digital production processes are key to achieving greater profitability. Zünd offers solutions that are tailored to individual needs and consistently optimized for maximum efficiency. At booth J011 in hall 10.1., Zünd presents examples of what this looks like in real-life production scenarios.

Zünd offers much more than just cutting systems. Zünd cutting technology is the central element of modular, comprehensive production workflows that include everything from digital hide and flaw capture, interactive or fully automatic nesting, to material handling, cutting, and visually guided sorting. Zünd solutions are equally adaptable to both small producers cutting a few hides per day and industrial-level manufacturers who process hundreds of hides on a daily basis.

For automatically capturing hides and identifying flaws, Zünd is showing the digitizing option. The system automatically captures hide contours and allows the user to mark quality zones with a digital pen that leaves no trace on the material. The Over Cutter Camera OCC, along with state-of-the-art software, is used for pattern recognition and compensation of distortions in textile applications. When compensating for distortions, the system perfectly maintains the dimensional accuracy of the parts as well as their exact position on the patterned fabric. Based on reference points, the software automatically calculates the most efficient layout and nesting of parts on the fabric web.

Interactive and automatic nesting
Another factor Zünd considers essential for promoting productivity is offering a choice of nesting methods that perfectly align with individual production requirements. Zünd uses the latest nesting algorithms that significantly increase nesting speeds and material yield in both automatic and interactive nesting procedures. The system automatically accounts for quality zones.

The quest for maximum efficiency does not end there but continues in the cutting process itself. Modular Zünd cutters are universally applicable and can be easily adapted to individual requirements. For the furniture and upholstery industry, which involves not only leather and fabric but also foams, felts, and technical textiles, Zünd cutting systems are the perfect all-purpose solution as a central system platform.

The complete package for efficient furniture production also includes suitable solutions for material transport, in particular for distortion-free feeding and advancing of textiles from rolls. It also includes interactive sorting of cut parts with the aid of a projection system.