Well-conceived control center

Production at cutter

Cut Center serves as direct interface to the Zünd cutting system and facilitates your production workflow. The software suggests recommended tooling based on the job at hand.

Intelligent materials database
Based on the cutter configuration and available tools, Cut Center suggests ideal tooling for the job at hand. All materials contained in the ever-growing database are assigned recommended processing parameters.

Tool usage monitoring
The software tracks the processing distances of each blade in use and compares these with the job data. If necessary, the system will suggest a blade replacement before processing begins in order to prevent interruptions during production.

Unique job identification
QR-codes applied to the substrate simplify identifying and retrieving the current job. Once the cutting data has been retrieved, processing begins automatically.

E-mail notification
The user specifies the processes that will trigger a notification, e.g. for job completion, unexpected interruptions, etc.

A perfect preview
For final review, simulate the job either onscreen or on the cutting system.

The right cutter for every segment