Press Cutting Tool - PCT

High processing speeds and high-quality results equal to die cutting: The PCT tool cuts corrugated cardboard up to 7 mm thick and simultaneously compresses the material with a special glide shoe.

The press cutting tool has been developed for economical cutting of corrugated cardboard up to a thickness of 7 mm. During the cutting process, a specially designed glide shoe compresses the material along the cut lines. The pressure exerted on the corrugated cardboard enables the use of drag knives and facilitates high processing speeds.

  • Special glide shoe for high-quality results equal to die-cutting
  • Very high processing speeds
  • Simple, precise depth adjustment
  • Fully supported in Zünd Cut Center - ZCC
  • Maximum material thickness: 7 mm
  • Suitable for flat-stock drag knives
  • Compatible with G3, D3, and S3
Product information

Corrugated cardboard