Punch Modules

The punching modules are used to punch leather, rubber, and various textiles remarkably fast. This module includes independently operating punches that accommodate a variety of punch tools. The punches rotate as they penetrate the material, which creates cleanly and precisely cut holes even in tough materials up to approx. 6 mm thick. Advantages of this processing method are high capacity and very good, consistent hole quality.

  • Excellent, consistent hole quality
  • Up to 8 holes per second
  • Wide assortment of 0.5 – 5.5 mm Ø punches available from Zünd
  • Reliable waste removal into integrated receptacle
  • Depending on module version, additional notching, marking, or piercing functions
Product information
Module versions

Notching Marking Module – NMM

Punching Marking Module PMM-S

Punching Pricking Module PPM-S