Router Module RM-L

The water-cooled RM-L is equipped with a 3.6 kW spindle. A clamping system using HSK-E25 collets facilitates setup and handling. 

The router module RM-L with a powerful 3.6 kW spindle is the most efficient system for high-precision routing, polishing, and engraving of aluminum, wood, plastics, and composite materials. 

Further information: RM-L detail page

Product information
  • Routing depth up to 50 mm / 2 in. 
  • Clamping system: HSK-E25 
  • This router module can be mounted only at position 2 and simultaneously blocks the use of position 1.
Benefits at a glance
  • Powerful 3.6 kW router spindle for maximum efficiency.
  • Ideal for processing aluminum, wood, plastics, and composite materials. 
  • Outstanding speed and productivity with fewer passes when processing thick materials.
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