Router Module RM-A

The RM-A is air-cooled and comes with a 1 kW spindle. With the RM-A QC (Quick Change), router bits are changed automatically, making changeovers even quicker.

The robust 1kW router module features outstanding speed, productivity, and versatility, making it a perfect solution for industrial applications. 

This powerful routing module is used for routing, engraving, and drilling and can process a wide range of materials. It is ideally suited to routing rigid plastics, non-ferrous metals, and composite boards for producing signs and displays. Foam, wood, and MDF can also be processed

Product information
  • 1 kW high-frequency spindle for up to 50,000 rpm 
  • Compressed air consumption approx. 40 l/min at 0.6–1.0 MPa
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