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B. Heer AG reconfigures its Zünd G3 cutting systems

B. Heer AG reconfigures its Zünd G3 cutting systems, upgrades to a Board Handling System – BHS. The modularity of Zünd cutters pays off.

Reconfigurable at any time
B. Heer AG designs, develops, and produces packaging solutions utilizing wood, corrugated cardboard, and foam materials for consumer and capital goods. To gain more space, the company made a decision to centralize its corrugated and foam packaging business at a new location in Felben-Wellhausen, a move that also entailed relocating two Zünd G3 XL-3200 cutting systems. For Heer, this was a perfect opportunity to reconfigure the two production systems. The G3 cutter used for processing corrugated cardboard was upgraded with an automated board-handling system – BHS. Because of their modular design, Zünd cutting systems can easily be reconfigured at any time to adapt to changes in production requirements.

Unattended, "lights-out" production
For 6 months now, Heer has been operating their Zünd corrugated production system at the highest level of automation. Joachim Basler, Managing Director of Corrugated and Systems Packaging explains: „Since we started using the BHS, we have been able to increase our order volume by more than 10%. This is a direct result of being able to run the G3 cutter during the night, unattended. Because of these overnight production runs, we have become significantly more competitive with international suppliers. We also no longer have to shy away from cost comparisons with traditional die cutting.“

Flexibility in production
By definition, the packaging supplier sits at the very end of the supply chain, where the pressure to meet deadlines is notoriously high. Even so, Joachim Basler no longer sweats last-minute customer requests. „The flexibility that stems from having Zünd cutting systems at our disposal allows us to produce samples in minimal time. Once we have the go-ahead from the customer, we can seamlessly go into preproduction. We have also determined that, if it's done right, we can offer pricing with the Zünd G3 cutter that is very much in line with traditional die-cutting.“

Joachim Basler, Managing Director: „With our Zünd cutters, our planning and production process has become extremely flexible. While others are still making samples, we have already delivered the goods.“