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“How can we help?”

No matter what type of jobs customers may propose in reply to the company’s favorite question, Indy Imaging is ready to produce on a grand scale, with a complete lineup of digital printers and multiple Zünd cutters.

Indy Imaging located in downtown Indianapolis (Indiana, USA), was founded in 1993 by Robbie Gordon. As a wholesale, grand-format provider of digital graphics, the company offers a wide range of products, including banners, POP signage, backlit sign-faces, psv graphics ranging from decals to vehicle graphics and magnetics.

From billboards to grand-format digital
The billboard printing operation that began in an abandoned warehouse with 2 people and a couple of older, wide-format NUR printers quickly began evolving into precision-cut signage centering on fleet graphics and gas-pump toppers. The acquisition of a Zund PN-series L-3000 put an end to all the manual cutting involved, resulting in significant cost-savings as the average trimming job went from requiring 2 days with 2 people, to 2-3 hrs with only one - not to mention the considerable improvements in consistency and precision. The company soon added a smaller Zund cutter for vinyl applications and, in September 2010, installed the first of two 10-ft wide G3 3XL-3200 systems. Both G3s are set up with a complete range of tooling for kiss-cutting, through-cutting, routing (with lubrication), rotary cutting, and the center-winder automatic transport system for flawless advancing of 10ft-wide rolls of banner vinyl and textiles.

“48 hours”
One glance around the 50,000 sq.ft. production facility, and it is plain to see that Robbie runs a tight ship. “It is our goal to get everything out the door within 48 hours,” says the president of Indy Imaging, “This became a realistic proposition only with the digital cutting capacity we have now. Since we purchased our first G3, we have seen a 3-fold increase in productivity. As the digital printers became faster and faster, they began creating more and more of a bottleneck in finishing. With our present line-up of HP, Vutek, and Mutoh printers plus the three Zunds, we are able to meet our standards for high quality and short turn-around times.”

What lies ahead
Robbie is optimistic about his company’s future: “I feel we have the flexibility we need to meet just about any challenge. The investment we made in upgrading to the Zünd G3 line is well worth it considering the productivity of these cutters, their versatility, ease of use, and the simple fact that they are built right and will serve us a very long time.” For now, Indy Imaging is humming along at the rate of 3 shifts, 7 days per week, with all signs pointing toward continued, steady growth, and lots of opportunities to ask “How can we help?”.