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Interzum 2017: Zünd makes another successful appearance

Zünd takes stock of a very successful Interzum 2017. The Swiss manufacturer specializing in modular high-performance cutting systems presented its latest cutting technologies for leather and textiles at the show in Cologne. With the new Zünd D3 cutter with projection system and state-of-the-art nesting program, Zünd exhibited a turnkey solution designed for ultimate productivity.

More visitors than ever: Interzum 2017, which conluded on May 19, set a new attendance record with close to 70,000 visitors from 152 countries. For Zünd, too, the world's leading trade show dedicated to furniture production and interior design, was a success. Zünd's demonstrations of high-performance digital cutting systems for leather and textiles were met with a great deal of interest among industry professionals. „The show more than met our expectations," indicated Thomas Rodighiero, Product Manager Leather: "For Interzum 2017, we began a whole new chapter in fully automated, highly productive digital cutting. The attendees who came to our booth from all over the world were well prepared and had a good understanding of the technology we were presenting. Designed to be transparent and realistic, our demonstrations clearly generated a lot of excitement."

At the center of Zünd's exhibit stood many hot topics of interest to customers, prospects, and partners alike: how to maximize productivity with fully automated production systems and integrated workflows, how to increase production flexibility and efficiency in order processing. With the D3 cutter, Zünd showed off its most productive cutting system, capable of unprecedented performance because of its innovative dual-beam design. The two beams, each equipped with up to three different modules or tools, operate simultaneously and independently. Depending on the specifics of the cutting jobs and designs, this can up to double the throughput of the system. Because of Zünd's insistence on modularity, the D3 cutting system is no exception when it comes to its adaptability to changing requirements. New tools, modules, or automated material-loading/unloading systems can easily be integrated and added to existing installations.

At Interzum 2017, Zünd also took the opportunity to introduce the new cradle feeder. This new materialhandling system is designed to unwind/advance and rewind high-stretch fabrics without tension. Integrated edge control ensures precise placement of the material on the cutting surface. The cradle feeder can even be relied upon to advance telescoping or coreless rolls without any problems.

Attendees were particularly thrilled with the broad range of materials Zünd's modular, high-performance cutting systems are able to cut precisely and reliably. The orders closed at the show were a clear indication of international furniture manufacturers' desire to improve process integration and increase overall productivity. „Interzum has proven itself as leading trade show in furniture manufacturing and interior design and construction.“, concludes Thomas Rodighiero.