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9 Zündcutters already in opration

German company KM foliographics has always relied on Zünd cutting systems. By now 9 Zünd cutters are responsible for delivering both volume and quality.

KM foliographics was established in 2004 in Dornstadt, Germany. Since that time, the company has expanded to 50+ employees and acquired an impressive line-up of production equipment. KM Foliographics began with a PN-series M-1600 cutter and added 4 more Zünd cutters in its first two years of operation. By 2011 the company’s equipment list included 9 Zünd cutters, 3 digital printers, and 2 laminators. KM Foliographics provides a complete range of graphics services from consulting and design to production, installation, education, and after-sales support. The company’s list of long-standing customers, primarily in the automobile and motorhome industry, includes Dethleffs, Morelo, Capron, Irmscher, and many others. All of these clients have extremely high quality standards. KM foliographics’ production equipment, therefore, must operate reliably, consistently, and at top quality levels. Just-in-time production by the cutters guarantees just-in-time delivery to the customer, where always exactly those graphics are at hand that are needed at the moment.

Cutters für vinyl-cutting
To processes large quantities of all brands of cast vinyl, the modular Zünd cutters are configured specifically for cutting vinyl, with automatic material-advance and roll-off/rewind capabilities. All machines are equipped with the cutting/plotting head type C2.

Optimal material usage
Orders are generally high-volume, making optimal material usage particularly important. This is where the consistent cut quality and precision typical of Zünd cutters comes into play. with little to no waste generated in the cutting process. The customers’ demands for quality can be met perfectly, every time.

Reliable service
Jürgen Müller has this to say about Zünd service: “Whenever a problem arises, we can count on having Zünd’s service partner on site quickly and reliably, resolving the issue in no time. This ensures that we can keep our production going and meet our deadlines.”

Fast return on investment
“Because of their excellent price-performance ratio, Zünd cutters can be amortized in a very short amount of time,” confirms Jürgen Müller. “The productivity of these cutters makes them very economical, which is why they have played a significant role in KM foliographics’ success.”