Automatic Leather Capture Light

Precise capture of hide contour via camera system.

Automatic Leather Capture

Besides the hide contour, this function also automatically captures previously marked quality zones and flaws in the material.


Interactive Nesting

Manual layout of parts on the hide. The user performs the nesting manually and creates the desired layout.

Automatic Nesting for Leather

Fully automatic layout and nesting of parts on the hide. This maximizes material usage while taking into account previously captured quality zones. Alternatively, it is also possible to manually place selected parts and automatically nest the rest.

Simple Automatic Nesting for Synthetics

Fully automated nesting of parts on manufactured (rolled) materials, e.g. synthetic liners.

Parts removal

Parts Pickup Support

Visually assisted picking and removal of cut parts. Identical or related parts are projected in different colors. This facilitates quickly and precisely identifying parts for a certain shoe size or specific chair model, and maximizes the efficiency of the sorting/removal process.