Extended production capacities

Celina Tent dramatically advances fabric structure manufacturing with two Zünd G3 XL/3XL cutting systems.

In search of efficient cutting & marking

Located in rural Ohio, Celina Industries and its 81 employees work hard to make high-quality products for humanitarian relief efforts, military billeting, storage, commercial party tents, and agricultural curtains. Having implemented RF/HF/hot air welding, sewing, and in-house printing for fabrication, the company saw an urgent need for faster, more accurate, and efficient cutting capabilities. With a pair of cutting machines already operating at capacity, the addition of a third machine was shelved in favor of looking into new systems capable of handling large rolls of fabric, maintaining tight tolerances (even with parts exceeding 100ft in length), and cutting digitally printed fabrics using a camera-guided locating system and universal marking & labeling.


Maintaining accuracy

Prior to installing Zünd cutters, one of Celina’s greatest challenges involved dimensional consistency. At 20 ft in length, even relatively small panels would come out an inch or shorter than specified, making it necessary to manipulate the cut files in order for the cutting machines to deliver the desired lengths. “Once we began using Zünd cutting systems powered by Zünd Cut Center, there was no need to adjust cut files, as the resulting products always matched the input lengths,” comments Gabe Lehman, Celina’s Director of Engineering, “the precision of these cutting systems is amazing.”


The impact of inkjet

Celina made the decision to purchase two Zünd cutters, a G3 3XL-3200 and a G3 XL-3200, each equipped with power-feed center winders, Driven Rotary Tools, Universal Cutting Tools, and Ink Jet Systems. Says Lehman: “The addition of an inkjet marking system has single-handedly revolutionized our manufacturing process. Materials that need sorting can now be quickly identified, and printed items are scanned to automatically pull the cut file. We now have the ability to quickly add barcodes, lot numbers, logos, instructions, etc., all during the cutting process with no need for an additional, separate printing process!”