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New turn-key system makes the Zünd L3 Cutter even more productive

Zünd introduces a turn-key system for leather cutting – a perfect fit for the leather industry.

With a new turn-key system for efficient leather cutting, Zünd offers the perfect solution for anyone involved in leather processing. The system is centered on the Zünd L3 cutter series, which was specifically designed for non-stop production with a tandem operating setup. In a tandem workflow, processing and reloading/unloading occur simultaneously, without any interruptions to the cutting process. The L3 is available in two sizes: The L3 C-40 has an active cutting area of 2300 x 1000 mm (90” X 40”); the L3 C-56, a working area of 3240 x 1000 mm (128” x 40”). In each case, the cutting area is divided into several individually controllable vacuum zones. A stepless vacuum turbine ensures impeccable material hold-down during processing. Low operating costs, easy integration in existing production workflows, and immediate ROI: with the Zünd L3 leather cutting system, leather processing has become more precise, efficient, and economical than ever in all types of production scenarios – prototyping, custom-, and serial production. A vast selection of tools and application-specific material-handling systems is available for perfectly matching the system to any type of production needs. Zünd offers high-performance tooling for cutting leather, sole materials, lining and pattern materials with processing speeds of up to 84 m/min. From the beginning, Zünd has always focused heavily on production automation, explains Romeo Weber, Product Manager, Leather: "Our digital cutting solutions have already contributed greatly to increases in productivity, but the trend towards automation encompassing multiple production processes demands a seamless data workflow as well. By combining the Zünd L3 cutter with software from our partner Mind, we are able to offer our customers in the leather industry significant added value in terms of automation and ultimately, profitability."

New turn-key system for greater efficiency and profitability

By combining the Zünd L3 cutter with MindCUT Studio leather-processing software and a newly developed projection system, Zünd now offers a complete, turn-key system perfectly geared towards user needs in the industry. One of the many outstanding features of the software is the intelligent nesting function. The user has the option to nest interactively or choose among different levels of automated nesting. Both the cutter and the software are specifically geared towards maximizing the yield from leather as a valuable raw material. Production waste is kept to an absolute minimum. This turn-key system offers users tremendous productivity increases and is equally well equipped to meet the demands of smaller custom producers and high-volume industrial operations. In the eyes of Joao Bernardo, CEO of Mind, this versatility is a key advantage: “With the Zünd turn-key system, we can now offer our customers a comprehensive, integrated cutting solution that can be tailored to specific production needs. Together with Zünd, we can help our customers accelerate and optimize their production processes. Because of the benefits such a turn-key solution offers, our customers are able to reduce their production times, lower costs, and at the same time increase their output quality. In Zünd we have found a perfect strategic partner that shares our vision in customer focus, innovation, quality, and service.”

About Zünd Systemtechnik AG
Zünd Systemtechnik AG, a family-owned business with operations worldwide, specializes in developing and manufacturing digital cutting systems. The Zünd name personifies Swiss Quality and is synonymous with precision, performance, and reliability. Since 1984 Zünd has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing modular cutting systems and is globally recognized as market leader. The Zünd customer base consists of manufacturers and suppliers in many different industries, including graphics, packaging, garment and leather, as well as technical textile and composites. Zünd maintains headquarters in Altstätten, Switzerland, where the company’s R&D, marketing, and production facilities are located. Besides Zünd’s own sales and service organizations in Hong Kong (China), India, Italy, the Netherlands, and the United States, Zünd relies on a worldwide network of long-standing, independent distribution & service partners.

About Mind
Mind, a Portuguese software developer with headquarters in Lisbon, was founded in 1997 by a group of university professors, researchers, and industry specialists with the goal of integrating academic, scientific, and business expertise. Mind has been designing, developing, and marketing innovative products in the areas of industrial systems (CAD/CAM), information management, and IT consulting. The company’s software solutions are used in industrial applications such as leather processing in the apparel, automotive, and furniture industries. Mind’s ability to provide innovative solutions has gained the company recognition worldwide.