For a perfect cut-to-print match, reliable registration is indispensable.

High-resolution optics combined with powerful algorithms: The modularity of Zünd cutting systems extends to the solutions available for digitally capturing registration marks. The highly precise ICC camera and registration system can be easily expanded with the remarkably fast Over Cutter Camera – OCC.


Automatically register rolled materials
After each material advance, ICC and OCC determine the exact position. This ensures maximum productivity and consistently high quality.

Precise material placement no longer matters
Board and sheeted materials can be placed randomly on the cutter. Intelligent optics automatically determine position and orientation.

Suitable for all materials
The ICC camera reliably captures register marks even with low-contrast or reflective materials.                            

OCC – ultimate efficiency

Mounted above the cutting system, the Over Cutter Camera – OCC captures all register marks in a single shot.

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Digital capture in seconds
The high-resolution optics system captures all register marks at once. This significantly speeds up the registration process.

Over Cutter Camera Movie

ICC – maximum precision

The ICC camera mounted on the module carriage sequentially captures as many register marks as needed for precise cut-to-print registration. 


When jobs call for ultimate precision
The ICC camera captures the exact position of each register mark. Algorithms intelligently process the data and calculate material position, orientation, and possible distortions.
Edge recognition
Unprinted materials, or printed substrates that need to be cut from the back with the print facing down, can be registered with edge recognition.
User-defined registration marks possible
Instead of traditional register marks, users can define picture or text elements printed along with graphics for the system to capture and interpret.
The right cutter for every segment