S3 M-800 with conveyor
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RM-S, the new router module for Zünd S3 cutting systems

With the new Zünd router module RM-S, the S3 line of high-performance cutting systems becomes even more versatile and cost-effective. The RM-S is capable of processing materials such as aluminum, rigid plastics, composites or wood and delivering outstanding quality.

The new RM-S router module further underscores the Swiss cutting system manufacturer's ability to offer its customers tool options that provide maximum flexibility in processing methods and material choices. The RM-S is an innovative, high-powered alternative to the proven Universal Routing Tool – URT. The outstanding performance characteristics of the RM-S stem from the use of a 1kW high-performance spindle, active air cooling, and an efficient dust-extraction system. With intelligent surface compensation, this routing option delivers exceptional precision in applications such as engraving acrylics, Dibond, and other challenging materials. The tool easily and effectively compensates for any variances in material thickness and produces top-quality results at precisely set cutting depths.

The RM-S processes a wide range of materials, including wood, plastic, composites, or aluminum at the highest quality levels and at thicknesses up to 25 mm / 1 in. The tool operating at high RPM in conjunction with the robust build of the S3 line of cutters allows for exceptionally high processing speeds, which results in significantly greater through-put.

Caption: With the RM-S, Zünd brings to market a high-performance routing solution for Zund S3 cutting systems.

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