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S3 tandem operation

Tandem operation

In this type of tandem or “pendulum” production, loading/unloading occurs on one side, while cutting continues without interruption on the other. This setup increases workflow efficiency, keeps idle time to a minimum and maximizes throughput.

board loading feature

Semi-automated production

With the help of an automated positioning system, boards/sheets are manually loaded onto the rear cutter extension. The material transport system then moves the boards into the cutting zone, and processing begins.

Loading with the S3 Sheet feeder

Sheet Feeder

High productivity and reliable automated material handling... turn your Zünd cutter into a fully automated production system.

S3 M-800 with unwind unit and material guide roll

Feeding of rolled material

Each material has characteristics that dictate which type of roll-off system works best. To accommodate a widest-possible range, Zünd offers different types of roll-offs.

S3 M-800 with unwind unit

Vinyl advance system

This special vinyl advance system makes the S3 cutting system the perfect cutter for vinyl and other foil-cutting applications. Central to this configuration is the vacuum plate designed especially for kiss-cutting

material guide roll

Material guide-roll

Effectively minimizes wrinkles and stretch on textile materials.

collection tray detail

Collection device

Catch-all for cut pieces and/or waste. Helps maintain a clean work area.

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