Prosign invest in a second Zund cutter

Prosign Print and Display, a specialist in Large Format Printing, POS, Packaging, Exhibition and Signage have chosen to invest in a second Zund digital Cutter to increase production capacity.

Based in Nottingham, Prosign Print and Display have been serving the large format printing industry for over 25 Years with a strong focus on continued investment in the latest state-of-the-art technology. Steve Hardy- Managing Director at Prosign Print and Display explained “We have always been committed to bringing our customers an unrivalled experience in specialist large format printing techniques. Our expert knowledge in the industry and pro-active service makes us a pleasure to deal with”.

The Covid pandemic didn’t stop Steve at Prosign Print and Display in expanding his production capacity with the addition of a second Zund cutter. Steve explained “ While I don’t believe we are unique, I do think that we are one of the very few companies within our business sector that is still continuing to invest and striving to push our company forward during this difficult time”.

Prosign Print and Display have been a user of Zund technology for many years and understand the versatility and opportunities the Zund cutter provides. Looking back at his first Zund purchase Steve said “We initially put our neck on the block and purchased our first Zund in 2013. Since that very first day. We have never looked back, our Zund S3 cutter enabled us to start working towards our goal of becoming a truly bespoke visual communications company.  We were able to achieve larger print runs, more intricate cutting and it also enabled us to become more efficient and therefore cost effective”.


The Nottingham based business is a true reflection of the endless business opportunities you can achieve on a Zund cutter. Prosign originally bought their Zund cutter to process their own print work, which quickly turned to offering a cutting service to other trade customers. The company is now processing specialist materials like Xanita for POS, exhibitions, retail items and much more.

The company decision to invest in a second Zund cutter was driven from the need to increase production capacity but also be able to cut materials that they couldn’t previously process. Steve contacted Zund and specified a Zund G3 cutter with upgrade options to meet their business requirements.

Reflecting back on his decision to opt-in for a second Zund cutter Steve said “As a company we don’t really like duplicating plant and are continually looking at ways to add extra capacity and products to our services. We needed a cutter that would do the same as what the Zund S3 did with a larger working area. We were starting to buy in heavy duty cutting service ourselves and wanted to start to work with materials such as wood and aluminium. We needed a Zund G3 and this is when we decided to start talking with Zund about the best way to solve our problems, future proof our business and ensure that we could keep moving in the right direction!”

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