Versatility is our strong suit

Adaptability for a wide spectrum of applications. Technical textiles comprise a broad palette of materials including treated and untreated fabrics, woven and non-woven materials, fleece or felt. Zünd cutting systems offer innovative features designed specifically for flawless processing of these materials. Our 3XL cutters, for example, efficiently handle up to 3.2m/126“ wide rolls. Sophisticated, fully automated material-handling systems such as the center winder can feed from rolls weighing up to 100kg/220lbs. During production even porous materials are reliably held down with powerful vacuum generators.

Upholstered furniture

Maximum efficiency: Nesting on plain textiles

High-performance digital cutting technology combined with precise tool technology, intelligent optics, and highly efficient software: Standardized data is imported and processed at the touch of a button. The software can interpret part- and marker-based data and also allows for the creation of custom markers.

Tools for the Technical textiles industry