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Thai printers invest in the future with Zünd G3 Cutter

The powerful combination of web to print, digital printing, and digital cutting was simply ideal for them. In 2021, Nitto Printing and Glee Printing invested in a Zünd G3 Cutter, and with it, into their business future.

Nitto Printing is the parent company behind Glee Printing, a sub-company catering to digital web to print services. Both companies utilize the latest technology to ensure that their clients receive the best possible service, with Nitto Printing relying on Zund cutting technology for prototyping and Glee Printing using the same technology for digital finishing of their web to print short run products. In this customer story, the responsibles explain how the cutting-edge solutions from Zünd have helped them to achieve their business goals.

In 2021, during the pandemic, the companies were forced to pivot their production from traditional general commercial printing to e-commerce, quick and short-run print on demand. After studying the benefits of digital cutting at print exhibitions and talking to colleagues in various site visits of print service providers worldwide, they contacted Zünd for a presentation and proposal. Despite the difficult economic times Nitto Printing and Glee Printing decided to invest in Zünd equipment.

"The investment has exceeded our expectations early on and is a sound investment that provides immeasurable benefits for our capability and the breadth of application."
Tomas Carunungan III

Prototyping of their packaging became simple and precise, and customer requests for size revisions were easy to redo. The Zünd G3 cutter was an enabler for the companies to meet their customers' ever-growing demand for higher-frequency short runs, customization, and personalization. The companies were able to produce a surprising array of high-value products for their customers thanks to the intelligent ergonomics and ease of use of the equipment.

The Zünd G3 Cutter was instrumental in helping Nitto Printing and Glee Printing win two awards at the Asia Pacific and Japan HP Inkspiration competition held in Singapore, as well as in the Printing Industries Association of the Philippines’ Print Excellence Awards. The investment has exceeded their expectations early on and is a sound investment that provides immeasurable benefits for their capability and the breadth of application.

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