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Tirex Autoplachty makes good use of Zünd G3

Tirex Autoplachty, a leading producer of tarpaulins, technical textiles, and ad graphics in the Czech Republic makes good use of Zünd G3.

Tirex Autoplachty was established in 1990, almost immediately after the overthrow of communism, and ranks high among firms with a long-standing business tradition in the Czech Republic. The company produces tarps, canvas covers, different sizes and types of tents (hall structures, party, event, and circus tents), as well as banners and billboards. Taking advantage of experience gained from processing technical textiles, Tirex Autoplachty has also expanded into providing wall and roof insulation services. The firm was looking for the most suitable and reliable cutting system for their purposes. The determining factor was the need for increased productivity following the purchase of a UV flatbed printer, when finishing became the most critical component in their production workflow. The Zünd G3 3XL-3200, with a cutting area of 3210 x 3200 mm, is capable, among other things, of trimming and contour-cutting display and exhibit graphics, including pieces that are difficult to cut or are one of a kind.

Significant savings
Lubor Dubšík says: “I was really surprised by the true speed and productivity of the Zünd cutter. We spent some time analyzing our production and searching for all the areas where the cutter would be helpful to us.“ The company uses approx. 500,000 m2 of technical textiles per year, with 35 % going to displays, 30 % to tarpaulins, 10 % to hall structures, 5 % to tents and awnings, and 20 % for single-piece orders. The Zünd G3 3XL is used for cutting a wide range of materials, including vinyl, billboards, kapa boards, PVC and Dibond. The company operates an industrial, solvent-based roll printer with a working width of 3.2 meters, two 1.6 m-wide solvent roll printers, and a UV flatbed. With these printing capabilities, Tirex Autoplachty’s production depends heavily on finishing - all previously done by hand and resulting in the problems from lack of speed and precision. Three months after the arrival of the Zünd G3 3XL, one worker has been reassigned to another area, cutting accuracy has been significantly improved, while waste has largely been eliminated.

New equipment
Tirex Autoplachty had been considering investing in cutting technology for a number of years. For information on available cutters, their main resource was tradeshows where they were able to easily compare the Zünd to other machines. What won them over was the reliability of the Zünd and also its modular design concept. „We found out that, besides the router we are already planning to purchase, we will also need a drawing tool,“ says Lubor Dubšík. „I really appreciate the possibility of being able to broaden our range of applications by gradually investing in additional tooling and adding capabilities only as the need arises.“

Tribute to speed
„I like the speed and precision of the entire system very much,“ concludes Lubor Dubšík. „We chose a large-format cutting table because our orders are so varied. For this reason, I appreciate the fact that we can adjust the vacuum to the working area each job requires. The design and construction of the entire system is geared towards many years of use and expansion into new business opportunities“