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Unisa is benefiting from the Zünd L3 leather cutter

Unisa is benefiting from the shorter production times and superior quality made possible by the Zünd L3 leather cutter.

Unisa Europa, a company with a long tradition, is based in Alicante, Spain, and manufactures girl's and women's shoes and handbags. On average, the company manufactures 1.5 million pairs of shoes per year. Unisa processes only select, high-quality leather materials from suppliers in Italy, Spain, and India. In January 2014, aiming to increase its production capacity in leather processing, Unisa purchased a Zünd L3 C-40 leather cutter.

Because of the L3 C-40 cutter, Unisa was able to significantly increase its production. The company's founder and CEO, Antonio Porta Canto, confirms: „The machine is extraordinarily fast. We immediately began to realize even products with complex patterns and perforations could be produced in a surprisingly short time. Furthermore, because of the superior precision of the machine, time-consuming post-production finishing tasks have become a thing of the past.“

The Zünd L3 high-performance cutter
„Reducing production and delivery times is a great way to ensure our company's future success and continued survival amidst global competition“, explains Mr. Porta Canto. This is indeed one of the main strengths of the Zünd L3 cutter series: leather, sole, lining, and pattern materials can be cut with exceptional precision and efficiency. With the oscillating tool and proper Zünd blade, even tougher leather materials can be cut at up to one meter per second! The punch module with two independent tools is capable of punching up to 8 holes per second. Zünd leather cutters make uncompromising quality affordable.

„The machine is incredibly fast. We began to realize immediately that even products with complex patterns and perforations could be cut in a surprisingly short time.“