Zünd Application Spotlight

Join one of four virtual sessions on September 16 or 17 to learn more about PERSPEX® and CRYLUX® acrylics from 3A Composites. We will show you some exciting applications and demonstrate how to best process these materials with a Zünd Cutting System.

Zünd Application Spotlight


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*Content of all sessions is identical and presented in English.
Duration: approx. 30 minutes.

Welcome to the Zünd Application Spotlight!

In this series of virtual sessions, we are introducing applications and related materials and show you how to optimally process them with a Zünd cutting system. For each Application Spotlight, we are teaming up with selected partners and material suppliers to provide you with state-of-the-art industry knowledge.


About the materials

In this session, we are putting the spotlight on PERSPEX® and CRYLUX®, cast acrylic sheets from 3A Composites with some unique characteristics:

  • PERSPEX® Secret Sign is a specially developed sign-grade acrylic sheet which looks black in daylight and white when illuminated at night. PERSPEX® Secret Sign is perfect for creating eye-catching signs.
  • PERSPEX® Forte is a specially formulated cast acrylic sheet that offers enhanced chemical resistance. Designed to be even more impervious to crazing than standard grades, PERSPEX® Forteis a great choice where improved chemical resistance is desirable, e.g. for hygiene protection screens or sneeze guards.
  • CRYLUX® Clear is an acrylic that offers outstanding visual impact. It is made of cast polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Because of its perfect transparency, this product is ideal for display applications and visual communication and is offered in clear as well as a range of vibrant colors.
PERSPEX - mixed range shot (4)

About the applications

Jacob Jensen, Head of the Zünd Customer Experience Center, will demonstrate how to perfectly process these acrylic materials from 3A Composites with Zünd cutting equipment.

  • In the first application, CRYLUX® Clear is used for a cocktail sign illuminated with LED lighting for enhanced visual appeal. The sign involves both routing and engraving processes with focus on top quality because of the close viewing distance. We will show you how to achieve the best results with the perfect choice of routing and engraving tools and share a few tips and tricks along the way.
  • To show you a great example of an application involving PERSPEX® Secret Sign, we will create a backlit hotel sign.  We will show you the right settings in ZCC for producing inlays with bridges that fit perfectly into the positive, which in this case is a sheet of Dibond. Intricate contours and the need to route corners dictate the choice of router bits.
  • PERSPEX® Forte is perfectly suited for applications such as sneeze guards. We will show you how you can produce such shields with maximum efficiency on a Zünd cutter and increase material yield at the same time. And we will explain why the router bit R504 is the right choice for this application.

Guest Presentation

Thorsten Neidhoefer, Head of Solution Engineering at 3A Composites Display Europe, will provide technical details on the acrylic materials and discuss their unique characteristics and interesting applications.

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