Zünd Application Spotlight

Attend any one of four virtual sessions on February 4 or 5 to discover the latest DISPA® materials from 3A Composites and the best practices for processing them with a Zünd cutter.

Video Recording

Spotlight on DISPA®

Watch again the Application Spotlight about the amazing DISPA® material in combination with a Zünd digital cutting machine.

Zünd Application Spotlight


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Welcome to the Zünd Application Spotlight!

In this  series of virtual presentations, we are introducing applications and related materials and show you how to optimally process them with a Zünd cutting system. For each Application Spotlight, we are teaming up with selected partners and material suppliers to provide you with state-of-the-art industry knowledge.


Program Highlights

The first event will put the spotlight on DISPA®, an eco-friendly paperboard and three different application examples:

  • A carrying case made of 2.4mm DISPA® with a smooth, bright white surface for brilliant printing results
  • A typical election poster utilising DISPA®outdoor for short-term outdoor use
  • An art reproduction taking advantage of DISPA®canvas with its canvas-like texture for artistic effects


Jacob Jensen and Benedict Wasmer (Experts in our Customer Experience Center) will demonstrate how to perfectly process these DISPA® materials with Zünd cutting equipment.

  • What is DISPA® and what are the different types available?
  • What are their possible applications?
  • How do you cut/process them with a Zünd cutter?

Guest Presentation

Moritz Pieper of 3A Composites will be presenting details on DISPA® materials, their properties and possible applications.

Moritz Pieper
Recorded Video

Look again at the recording of the Zünd event.