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Zünd exhibit focused on integrated digital production

Digital technologies are conquering the textile industry. From virtual product development in 3D to fully automated processing with state-of-the-art digital cutting systems, a whole new world of possibilities is opening up. At ITMA (hall 14, booth H14-H110) in Milan, Italy, Zünd in cooperation with partners in the industry, will be demonstrating how textile & garment manufacturers can significantly reduce the time to market by integrating a high-performance Zünd cutter in their production workflow.

What makes this possible is the seamless, digital "Simulate, Print & Cut" workflow Zünd and its partners are introducing at this show. „Simulate, Print & Cut“ includes digital design and pattern development as well as placement of the designs in a virtual 3D space. As soon as the digital print is completed, the design is transfered to a Zünd S3 L-1200 for cutting. The digital cutting portion is central to this ground-breaking workflow concept for processing digitally printed fabrics. Because of their open interfaces, Zünd state-of-the-art cutting systems can be easily integrated in existing production workflows. Zünd Cut Center – ZCC, the software that powers Zünd cutters, can handle data from all commonly used RIP and nesting programs. With „Simulate, Print & Cut“, the Zünd cutter receives all relevant cut data in the form of a cut file. The comprehensive materials library integrated in the software makes working with Zünd cutters exceptionally easy. The system recommends the best processing methods for a wide range of textiles and lets the user apply the corresponding cutting parameters with the click of a button. Another outstanding feature of the software is the Cut Queue, which calculates the estimated processing times for every phase of production. Once the job is completed, the actual processing times are saved with each cut file. This data can subsequently be exported and used for billing or production-planning purposes.

Besides the S3 L-1200, ITMA visitors will also be able to see a G3 L-2500 in action. With the highly versatile G3, Zünd offers another modular, standalone solution for fully automated textile cutting. The tooling presented in conjunction with Zünd's cutting systems is exceedingly modular and adaptable, making it possible to process a seemingly endless variety of textiles and other flexible materials. Whether woven or non-woven materials, films, felts, or foams, Zünd offers robust, high-precision cutting technology for processing all these materials and more. High-performance tools, such as the extremely robust Power Rotary Tool — PRT, were developed especially for reliable, precise cutting of challenging textile materials.
ZCC offers its own nesting function, which automatically lays out the pattern pieces on the fabric. This ensures optimal material yield and reduces waste to a minimum. For ultimate ease of operation, the user can choose to have ZCC in conjunction with the ICC camera system register the pieces and reposition them. Instead of predefined registration marks, elements in the pattern of the material itself or preprinted design elements can be used for accurate positioning. The same process allows for very precise cutting, even with materials that are highly prone to stretch.

Caption: At ITMA 2015 Zünd and industry partners are demonstrating to textile & garment manufacturers how technologies can be integrated to create more transparent and flexible production workflows.