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Zünd Systemtechnik AG at Fachpack 2015

At Fachpack 2015 (booth 210, hall 7a), September 29 - October 1, in Nürnberg, Germany, Zünd proudly presents innovative, fully automated cutting systems for manufacturers and industrial packaging suppliers. In conjunction with its cutters, Zünd offers application-specific tooling and automated material-handling solutions for every type of production.

At the booth in Nürnberg, Zünd is introducing new automation solutions for its modular high-performance cutters designed to help packaging producers increase productivity while decreasing labor costs. One of the highlights is the Zünd S3 M-800 configured for fully automated production. The material to be cut is efficiently fed onto the cutting table with an automatic sheet feeder. In the next step, the ICC camera system captures the QR-code printed on each sheet and automatically retrieves the appropriate cut file. After the material has been processed, a pick & place robot automatically sorts/off-loads the cut pieces. This state-of-the-art collaborative robot is fully integrated in the digital workflow and operates autonomously in production environments where human operator and robot collaborate to accomplish a given set of tasks.

With the RM-120, Zünd is introducing a new router module designed specifically for packaging suppliers with a steady need for producing foam-based packaging and protective inserts. The RM-120 is being shown in conjunction with a Zünd G3 L-3200 cutter with extended, 120 mm beam height. The RM-120 gives packaging producers the ability to efficiently and economically process foam materials up to 110 mm / 4.3 in thick. The G3 together with the RM-120 router module significantly expands the range of materials they can process for creating complete packaging systems that include boxes, cases and containers as well as cushioning and padding materials, tool and device inserts, etc. – all cut on one and the same machine. The outstanding capabilities of the RM-120 are based on the 1kW high-frequency spindle it uses, as well as on the highly efficient dust-extraction system and active air cooling.

Another highlight of the Zünd exhibit is the electric oscillating tool – EOT-250, a high-performance tool developed for cutting thick cardboard/honeycomb materials precisely and efficiently. This tool is air-cooled, oscillates at very high frequencies and has an extended, 2.5 mm stroke – characteristics that make this the only tool capable of processing honeycomb display board at speeds of up to 1,000 mm / 40 in per second. The concept behind all Zünd tooling is unique in its focus on modularity; Zünd tooling can be expanded or upgraded quickly and easily at any time to meet changing demands.

Caption: Zünd's new automation solutions help packaging suppliers increase productivity.