Fully automated picking & stacking

Zünd further automates material off-load with a new UR robot that picks & stacks cut materials. The collaborative robot helps users increase productivity while reducing labor costs. This type of robot does not require caging and relieves the operator of mindless, repetitive tasks.

Fully automated production workflow
Unlike traditional industrial robots that require safety enclosures, the collaborative robot is part of a new generation of robots revolutionizing the work environment. Collaborative robots, which are sensor guided and haptically controlled, perform tasks that were previously reserved for human operators. Costly traditional robots are extremely fast and powerful but also notoriously complex and difficult to program. Professional programming skills are required any time they have to be prepared for a new task. This is not the case with the latest generation of industrial robots such as the ones offered by Universal Robots. These new robots are relatively inexpensive and, in a few steps, can be taught tasks even by personnel without any formal programming experience. With this robotic off-load option, Zünd can offer its customers a fully automated workflow solution

Lightweight, flexible, always on task
In contrast to its larger cousins working behind glass and safety fencing in automobile factories or other large manufacturing plants, the UR robot is lightweight, flexible, and can be easily moved as well as reprogrammed for new tasks. It can work nonstop, with great precision, and is perfect for meeting the demands of ever-changing production schedules and decreasing run lengths. By integrating the UR robot with its digital cutting systems, Zünd can now offer customers a highly productive, yet cost-effective automation solution for cutting parts and separating them from waste. The robot takes care of stacking parts effectively, reliably, and without the use of bridging. While the system continues cutting, the cut parts are automatically stacked and can be removed without interupting production. The combination of a high-performance Zünd cutting system with automatic sheet feeder, automatic touchless file retrieval via QR-code, and a collaborative robot off-loading parts from a cutter extension, creates a completely automated production workflow. This frees up personnel for performing more challenging and value-creating tasks. Customers who previously resorted to traditional die-cutting for their medium-length production runs, the UR robot represents a very economically attractive alternative. Because of its compact build, comparatively low capital and operating costs — both resulting in a very quick ROI — the UR robot is a very sensible investment.

Technical details
The UR robot for Zünd S3 and G3 cutting systems (suitable up to XL models or 2270 mm / 90" cutter widths) is available in two versions: The smaller UR5 has a working radius of 850 mm / 33.5 in. and a lifting capacity of 5 kgs / 11 lbs; the UR10 has a working radius of 1300 mm / 51 in. and can lift up to 10 kg / 22 lbs. An interface kit is included with all deliveries. Available as options are the following items: Mounting pillar, mounting foot, and gripper set (gripper plate, air hoses, suction grippers, maintenance unit). The cutter is set up and firmly anchored to the floor. Customers have the option to configure the gripper set for their specific needs, the same way they are free to configure the cutting system for their specific production requirements. The user teaches the robot with a simple programming script, predefined waypoints, and preprogrammed commands for lifting, lowering, and standby positions. The user manually guides the robotic arm via touchscreen and 3D visualization to the desired points and performs a simulation to test the motion sequence. The robotic arm can also be guided directly through the robot's control panel. None of this requires extensive training or in-depth technical know-how. The user can recall scripts for different applications through Zünd Cut Center ZCC and assign them to the corresponding jobs. The robot can also be launched directly through ZCC. For repeat jobs, the appropriate motion profile can be recalled in just a few steps through the UR robot's control panel.

To ensure the robot configuration corresponds precisely to individual customer needs, Zünd offers joint consultations with the local UR representative.

The new collaborative robot does not require a safety cage and relieves the user of repetitive, mindless tasks.